Now I know what you’re thinking. Who in their right mind starts a food blog while they are on a three week vegan, gluten free, caffeine free, sugar free, 80% raw detox? I do. I love food! I love my body! Turns out that when you put those two loves together you feel pretty damn good.

Part of this detox is a fasting day where you drink green vegetable juices all day, and then break your fast gently by having a raw soup or smoothie. Before embarking on this plan I was a hot food maniac. I liked nothing better than piping hot food and would often put my plate in the microwave for a minute to reheat if I had gotten distracted while serving and the food had cooled slightly. Raw food emphasises never eating food that is heated past the point where it would destroy the valuable enzymes in the ingredients – this means you eat your food chilled, at room temperature, and definitely no warmer than blood temperature.

Now it may be the effects of having consumed nothing but green juices all day, but this raw soup from Kristen’s Raw is FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS!! You blend the ingredients together until smooth, turn the blender down to low speed and add the oil. When you do this, something amazing happens – the soup thickens, becomes creamy, and changes colour. It seems like a lot of oil to add, but trust me, it works! To keep the soup raw, I heated it on the stove very gently, stirring constantly and using my finger as a thermometer. As soon as I felt the warmth I removed it from the heat and served it into a bowl. Add some chopped fresh coriander, and you’re good to go!

Have you ever tried raw soup? Give this one a try!


4 thoughts on “Raw Harvest Soup

    • Yay! It really is delicious and I think you could do it with pretty much any vegetable based favourite soup recipe. You could probably do it with sprouted lentils or something for a heartier version too!

  1. i just made it and it’s pretty good!! also the fact that it takes about 4 minutes to make is awesome. The oil is a bit overwhelming but it does have a nice science class impact when it goes it – next time I reckon i’d sub in an avocado like she suggests but overall a winner dinner!! xxx

    • Yeah I found the oil a little crazy and I’m not really oil-phobic! It is good though and I guess on a raw diet you need those kind of fats. I’d still make this again!

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