It’s the first day off the detox, and one of the things I have been craving most is poached eggs and olive sourdough! I have craved some weird stuff like peanut butter cookies (which I never normally eat!) while on this detox, but one of the most consistent cravings has been for this breakfast. I LOVE breakfast and would eat it for every meal of the day if I could, so this has been a long three weeks coming.

The eggs are from our chickens Rosie and Ruby. Cute little things aren’t they? We have a permaculture system at our place, and these girls are an integral part of it, scratching around, creating rad compost, and providing us with delicious eggs!

Rosie and Ruby

Quite frankly I used to be shithouse at poaching eggs. They would go stringy, or watery, or just not be that great no matter what method I tried. But having fresh fresh eggs means I can now poach like a champ. My method is to boil water with a splash of vinegar in it, crack the egg into a cup, swirl the water into a whirlpool and then drop the egg gently into the middle. Sometimes you might need to turn the water down to a simmer.


Meanwhile, slice some sourdough and pop it in the toaster. When the eggs are done (lift one out of the water and check it for consistency), gently remove them and place them on your chopping board to let the excess water drain off. Once your toast is done, add the eggs and any additional toppings you want. I served mine with some organic avocado, a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt, and a shake of my favourite El Yucateco green hot sauce.

The detox was great! I felt really energetic, clear headed, light, and well. I’ll be keeping a lot of the principles in my diet like including more raw foods and juices, and relying less on grains to fill me up, but it’s really really good to be able to eat this breakfast again!

What’s your favourite breakfast? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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