Confession time – I’ve barely cooked a single thing in almost a week. The reason for this however is that I have been SICK. Some kind of fluey achy body-defeating virus from hell that has made me unable to do anything but watch movies and lay there in a stupor. I somehow managed to make margarita cookies because I’d promised to make them for a super fun Xmas in July party that I was unable to attend, but the thing that has held me together this week (and therefore the best thing I cooked this week) is TEA! Super traditional, earl grey, one sugar, a splash of soy milk and for the next ten minutes you’ll feel pretty close to human again…

1 teabag (I went with earl grey, but go crazy and choose from a million tea flavours, or even brew a pot of loose leaf if you feel daring)
1 tsp sugar or stevia
1 splash of soy milk
A little sunshine and a favourite Queen Elizabeth commemorative mug also helps.

Sip tea, and know that hopefully in a week you’ll feel like yourself again



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