I have a bit of a food purchasing weakness – I either get carried away by all of the goodness of the farmers market and buy way too much, or I hold off buying something because I decide that I will make it from scratch, or I know I’ll have an opportunity to get it somewhere great in a few days. This week it is sourdough. I know I’m going to one of my favourite bakeries in two days time and can stock up on quinoa and soya sourdough, so I didn’t buy any bread after the last loaf ran out. Which is why on this cold and windy morning when all I wanted was a hot breakfast, I ended up making potato rosti as a substitute for my toast! It was super easy and definitely doable on a weekend morning – even a weekday if you are an early riser!

When I was in the States a few years ago I ordered hash browns with my breakfast, expecting to get the little crispy potato cakes we have here in Australia and was surprised when they served me a plate of golden shredded potato instead! So for any Americans reading this, these rosti may be a little closer to the hash browns you’re used to.

2 potatoes
1 egg
2.5 tbsp chickpea flour
Olive oil for cooking

I served mine with 2 poached eggs and some sauteed kale, but you could eat these by themselves, or with any other topping that takes your fancy. Maybe not Vegemite, but if you try that and it works let me know!

Peel and wash your potatoes and shred them on a box grater. Pile the grated potatoes onto a couple of sheets of kitchen paper and cover with more kitchen paper. Press down to absorb excess water from the potatoes. Place on fresh paper and do it again. You won’t have completely dry potato shreds, but removing a lot of the excess will improve the consistency of the rosti.


Add an egg and half the chickpea flour and mix together. Depending on the size of your potatoes you might need more or less flour so add it in stages until you’re satisfied with the consistency. I went for a moist but not wet consistency.


Heat some olive oil in a cast iron or other non-stick pan and add the rosti, making large flat cakes. Make sure the heat is medium hot so that the potato cooks through without burning the crispy outside of the rosti. Keep an eye on it, and when you have a crispy golden underside, flip the rosti over and repeat the process. Remove to a paper towel and press to remove any excess oil.


While the rosti are resting, throw a big handful of chopped kale into the pan you cooked them in, and add a splash of water to deglaze. The kale will pick up any excess oil and flavour from the rosti cooking. Place the rosti on a plate and top with the kale, and add one or two poached eggs.


Do you have a favourite substitute food when you run out of bread? What’s your favourite way to do breakfast a little differently?


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